The moment you talk about car and driving experience, one of the aspects that sometimes tends to overlook is definitely the one related to the choice of Android WiFi + autoradio gps with screen. This tool, however, is often indispensable for a number of reasons. Obviously the first function is that of the enjoyment of music, but we must not forget also the potential information of radio stations, whether local or national. A good device of this type, therefore, can improve the awareness of the driver, the information in his possession and, of course, lighten the longer journeys, and the tedious expectations in traffic. In the most modern versions, moreover, a good audio device allows the use of a very large number of media, which obviously includes the classic CDs, but also memory cards, and common USB sticks.

Understanding the types of the various car radios present on the market is therefore fundamental for the choice of the device that best suits the needs of the various drivers. The more traditional models, in fact, include basic functions such as radio, and CD playback. You need to move to a slightly higher step to find, on these solutions, also the possibility to read MP3 files via a classic USB nib. Going up in price, then, we find alternatives that contemplate the presence of touch screens. This specific type of luminaire has different display sizes, thanks to which users are able to access the various functions. We must not forget that, starting from such solutions, it is possible to create a sort of multimedia system that involves all the passengers, thanks to the installation of additional secondary screens, thanks to which you can enjoy advanced content such as DVD movies. They appear alternatives all in all anachronistic, instead, solutions based on cassette. The car radios of this type, in fact, are now difficult to find even on the internet, and their price in fact reflects this scarcity on the market. These devices, on the other hand, discount the poor comfort of the cassette, very prone to faults and deterioration of the sound.

Once you understand what alternatives are available on the market, it is helpful to see what the technical features to consider in the process of purchasing your audio equipment. It would seem superfluous to underline it, but in any case it is worth mentioning that the presence of the removable faceplate is, still today, an essential condition in the choice of a good car radio. Moving on to the purely “sound” side, the majority of the commercially available luminaires now has support for the RDS function, which allows greater stability of the radio signal even in non-optimal conditions; When it comes to the power of the plant, it goes without saying that for users not particularly demanding is not necessary such an important solution. A power of about 40 watts per channel, normally, is more than enough to enjoy its own music.

On models with more advanced multimedia possibilities, obviously, particular attention will be paid to the formats supported by the device: on the audio front, for example, it is necessary the total support to MP3 format, but on the most advanced models it is almost imperative to find the possibility to take advantage of content in WMV format, and maybe Ogg and M4A. On the video front, in addition to the enjoyment of normal video DVDs, it is very useful to be able to rely on the support of MP4 and AVI formats, so that you can also enjoy downloaded content (obviously legally) from the Internet.